Advanced System Tuning

Advanced Audio System Tuning and Calibration

like all audio systems, automotive audio systems must be calibrated to optimize the sound for the listener. Tuning car audio is a challenge, due to the confined space of the vehicle, proximity of the passengers to the speakers, and many other factors, but it is a challenge that we are adept at addressing. Our goal is to produce, in an automotive audio system, the best audio you have ever heard.  

Speaker positions, listener position, and interior materials inside a vehicle are far from ideal in the production of a great audio system. Furthermore, these factors differ significantly among vehicles. However, at Audio Shoppe, our technicians utilize advanced tools in the system tuning process to optimize all these factors and produce outstanding audio in any vehicle.

Hear the Results

Our staff of professionally trained audiophiles will be happy to demonstrate our audio systems for you with your music, or our own music library. Visit us at Audio Shoppe and hear the results of our high-fidelity sound system tuning and calibration firsthand.