Custom Installation

What is custom installation? At Audio Shoppe we view installation as a unique prospect for each client and their vehicle. We strive to produce audio systems that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear, every aspect being an extension of the clients unique personality. Your desires and interests comprise the foundations of our custom installations, and we have the experience and the means to realize your ideal audio system

Custom installation designs at Audio Shoppe can retain the vehicles factory aesthetic, or radically alter it, to suit the clients preferences. Whether audio, security, remote starter, radar/laser detector, safety aids (such as reverse cameras) or many other categories, Audio Shoppe’s expert technicians approach the installation of electronics in client vehicles in a professional manner and at the direction of the client. Our experts can make you aware of the possibilities.

We want our clients to feel peace-of-mind, so we are thorough in inspecting and documenting all vehicles prior to commencing work. It is our intent to return all vehicles in  perfect working order. Our goal is total satisfaction, and no suprises.

Realize Your Dream System

Our custom installations are as much a pleasure for us to produce as they are for our clients to enjoy. We would love to install your dream audio system. At Audio Shoppe of Riverside, if you can dream it – we can do it. Contact us today to set up a personal consultation to discuss what custom installation needs you have.