Paint Protection

Audio Shoppe offers advanced urethane film paint protection systems applied over the existing paint surface; the coat protects the finish from normal wear and tear, as well as unforeseen hazards encountered on the road. Our premium paint protection systems are applied by  trained specialists to enhance your vehicle and give you peace of mind.

Do You Need Paint Protection?

Our paint protection maintains the vehicles appearance while protecting the factory finish from abuse. The urethane coat prevents chips and scratches from road debris and other hazards,  and extends the life of the clear coat by reflecting UV radiation. Consider paint protection to maintain your vehicles aesthetic appeal and value.

Vehicle Eligibility

Anyone who cares about their car is a paint protection candidate at Audio Shoppe. The process of measuring a vehicle, preparing, and applying paint protection typically takes only a day, and can even be applied to vehicles with existing paint damage, preventing further damage from occurring.

Installation is Everything

As with all our work, our paint protection system is applied by specialists with utmost professionalism, ensuring effectiveness and longevity.  Substandard pain protection can result in visible distortions, and shoddy work can damage your vehicles finish. At Audio Shoppe, however, you can be assured that our work and materials are top-quality; the result is paint protection that is practically invisible.

Audio Shoppe Expertise

At Audio Shoppe, our professionals use of the best paint protection materials to produce a paint protection coat that doesn’t deteriorate, ensuring greater longevity for your vehicles finish, regardless of its present state. By minimizing damage to your vehicles coat, you save money on costly touch-ups or refinishing in the long term. Visit us or contact us at Audio Shoppe to learn more about the paint protection systems we offer.