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Cool HOG all dressed in flat black !!!! Arc Audio 2 chan mini amp and a pair of Arc Audio moto 61/2 coaxes . All hiding nicely and ready to rock!!! Customer was so happy!!!! I think it needs some tan and red pin striping. Old school style!

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This black beauty is now looking is best after some Rick love!!!!!Complete hidden I -Pod system ! Data buss cable for Apple , Arc Audio 4 chan mini amp , front tweeters/mids , 2 8″ shallow woofers in a hand made fiber glass enclosure that sound great!!! The Audio Shoppe team killed it!!!! This job was very challenging ! But we won.

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So we get some odd projects here , how about this one? A1950’s Auston peddle car converted to motorized. Ho yea stereo too ! I-pod to amp to a pair of speakers. All very small components. Sounds great and another happy customer! So the expense of this mini car?? My Dad had this statement ; if it’s cool and desirable , it’s probably expensive !!!

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Summer must be here! Pontoon boat with a Audio Shoppe sound system that will make the other weep with envy !!! Blue tooth audio kenwood radio,Arc Audio (class D) 3 chan amp, 2 pr – 61/2 Memphis marine speakers,Additive Audio 12″ dvc in a down firing slot loaded sub-box and some cool fab work by the staff here!! GPS depth finder installed too .

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1956 Ford F-100 from Foothill fab/Aaron Broughton. With an I-pod system . Nano with lighting plug to a pre amp to an Arc Audio 4-chan mini amp playing a pr of 51/4 ” coaxes in the kick panels , 4″coaxes in the rear and a pr of 61/2″ woofers. Some mighty cool fab work by Audio Shoppe!! A beautiful truck ! Top to bottom!!! It sound beautiful too . It’s real cool to work with the top car builders in the USA!!!

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Here at Audio Shoppe we do affordable stereo systems as well. Here are a few pics of a complete affordable HI-END sound system installed today. Parts & labor at a total price tag of aprox. $1500 (in most cars/trucks this can be done) including ; kenwood am/fm/cd/USB/3.5/blue tooth phone&audio.Arc Audio 3 chan amp(80×2&240×1) Hertz 61/2 coax speakers , soundeading , drop in sub box with a Addictive Audio 10″ dvc sub woofer. This simple system sounds GREAT!!! Come see us and let’s talk about your car or truck or ? Bigger is not always necessary …………… Including the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks always ; team Audio Shoppe

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Just putting the final touches on Mike’s Cobalt boat. It got a ROCKING sound system installed by the staff here at the world famous Audio Shoppe that will blow your socks off!!!! Thanks goes out to Mike for letting us do our magic on his baby!!! Kenwood radio & commander, Arc 6 chan amp & 2 chan amp, 2 Addictive Audio 12″ sub-woofers , 6 Arc Audio 61/2 moto speakers and 4 51/4 speakers in the tower. We can’t wait to see the look on Mike’s face when he hears it!!! That is our biggest reward in doing what we love to do!!! Great music for great people ! Alan

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It’s Hog time again at Audio Shoppe. CLEAN HOG DUDE !! Stock h/d radio to a Arc Audio mini amp playing a pair of Arc moto 6 1/2 coax behind the stock grill location . New bag lids with 6×9 speakers kick it up a notch too!

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Some custom fab work done by team Audio Shoppe!!! Nitrous bottles other than speakers ! Look for it on Jay Leno’s garage TV show ! We have a car movie star here !!! Will be scene in Fast and Furious #7. Doing some custom fab work before it get filmed for Jay Leno’s garage , a tv show . It looks mean & nasty with a beautiful paint job ! It’s a Toyota Supra sporting over 1000 HP ! I bet that’s a “E” ticket ride !!!!!

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How would you like this in your back seat? Well you would if you wanted to play your music at concert levels! That what Josh the owner of this 1967 Cad convertible ask us to do. 2500 watts to 4 10″dvc woofers and 4 horn tweeters and 4 PA 61/2 mid ranges ! He got what he asked for. More pics to come. Josh will have it at Show&Go fri,sat. You will hear it, I promise !!!!!!!!!!!

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2006 GTO with a new Kenwood 2 DIN radio with; am,fm,HD radio,sat radio,USB & 3.5 inputs,CD,DVD,Blue tooth audio,Blue tooth phone,steering wheel controls too! The crew did a great job!!

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1965 Chevelle with a brand new part in our industry !!!!!! A blue tooth audio , tone control , sub control , pre-amp with 8volts pre-outs. Yes that means we can play this stereo system WIRELESS!!! NO RADIO NEEDED ! We can play it Inside the car or outside the car .The blue tooth control modular hiding in the glove box, amp under the pass-seat,2 10″ woofers firing though the rear seat and a pair of 61/2 midrange/tweeter set behind the factory kick panels. This high-end system is completely hidden !!!!! The customer is going to put a factory am radio in the dash. Cool NEW technology we will be using a lot !! Looks like we will be using it in the newest car So Cal Speedshop is building for Billy Gibons. 1934 chopped 3 window hi-boy coupe. It will be used in videos, tv, concerts and all ZZ Tops’s promotional needs.

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Another happy Audio Shoppe customer. Sending Dennis Parker’s custom golf cart back home to Arrowhead for him to enjoy !!!! Maybe a great stereo system will help his golf game. That is a good looking golf cart. A must to have music ! Arc audio speakers, kenwood radio with 3.5 & usb , hidden FM antenna that sounds great!

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Water trucks must have a great Audio Shoppe entertainment system ! Am/fm/cd/USB/bt audio/bt phone to start with! Then;3-chan amp/51/4coax in hand made kick panels and a 12″ sub-woofer with storage tray on top. That should fix any chance of being bored!

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A good day of fishing requires ice cold beer and great tunes. We can help with the music . This boat got am, fm, cd, USB, I pod, and sat radio. I have been told that a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work!!!!! Gone fishing!!!

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How do motocross riders win? They listen to there audio shoppe sound system loud between motos!!!! Pics of Chris Cole’s trailer.

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Tony Morris’s VW CC is looking very cool !!!!!! iPad mini in dash and a world class sounds done by team audio shoppe including Trevor. Another shot of the custom set up. The trunk carpet lays right over this and still had a 100% functioning trunk! iPad mini!!!!!!! Yes you are seeing this correctly.

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Bob Loman’s 1970 Ranchero GT with a sharp running 351 Cleveland . Painted 2013 Rousch lime green . You will not miss it on any street or car show! Thanks Bob for turning us loose with the audio . My guys did a great job. It sounds amazing . I-pod to a DLS 4-chan amp, 5 1/4 hertz highs and a brand new 6×9 sub woofer in a tune-ported enclosure . WOW who would think a 6×9 sub woofer could sound like that! We were all surprised, we will be using it again in Hi-Fi systems !!!!

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