Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle detailAt Audio Shoppe, we are car enthusiasts. We offer a premium detailing service to enhance your vehicles aesthetic appeal through the use of premium car care products applied by experts. We offer several services to suit your needs and budget, and we have experience with a diverse range of vehicles, from restored classics to premium modern vehicles. Our ultimate goal with our high-quality detailing services is to make your vehicle’s appearance better than new.


Detail is in the Details

We use only the finest car care products in our detailing work, however, the most important factor in the quality of the outcome is the quality of the labor. Our detailers, beyond being passionate car enthusiasts, are professionally trained and experienced in producing beautifully detailed vehicles.

  • We use high-quality automotive clay to remove impurities in the vehicles paint before applying wax, to ensure uniformity an avoid damage to the clear coat.
  • We use modern “nano” sealant wax on the vehicles paint to enhance the vehicles appearance and improve the longevity of paint protection.
  • We use professional cleaners and conditioners on leather surfaces to restore color and softness.

New Cars

Even new vehicles require detailing. New vehicles are typically not adequately detailed at the dealership, and can benefit from proper paint protection. A new vehicle should be waxed at least twice a year to preserve the integrity of the finish. We additionally remove impurities from the paint with our clay treatment.

Used Cars

The importance of quality detailing is as important for used cars as for new cars. We are capable of making worn finishes look like new, and we have the tools and expertise to restore the luster of worn interior materials.

Why Choose Audio Shoppe For Vehicle Detailing?

Our professional detailers cater to the desires of our clients; whether to maintain the pristine condition of a new vehicle or restore a used car to like-new condition we have the tools and experience to satisfy. As with all our services, our work is personalized to suit the client, and performed with eminent professionalism. Visit us today to learn about all the detailing packages we offer